Sandra Alejandre

I'm a former student and Americare graduate. I've been waiting 3 years to start the RN program at Americare.

Mayana Alindogan

I chose Ambria because I am a graduate here and enjoy the student and the teachers. Also we had great clinical sites throughout the LPN program.

Latrice Anderson

Ambria RN program allow working individual the flexibility to work and persue they're goal towards higher education. The meets all my needs and it really a God(?) sent(?).

Brittney Balchunas

Flexibility of day or evening classes and being able to go part time so I can still work. Teacher are great too!

Vanessa Banuelos

I have had a great experience at Ambria. I am currently taking Math and the teacher is great and so helpful. Everyone here is so nice and always willing to help.

Mikel Bush

I've heard a lot of good things about Ambria. I have been trying to finish my pre reqs for the nursing program but something else would expire. So after I've taken my last pre req I decided to Apply to Ambria.

Maria Rodora Catalo

I chose Ambria college of nursing because i believe that this school will help me finish the RN program faster than other schools. I also have read a lot of good reviews about the school and staff online.

Lori Chrouser

I chose Ambria College of Nursing for the class sizes and the one on one personal experience. So far everyone has been totally awesome to deal with. All the ladies in the office have been delightful and very helpful in my admission process.

Jessica Cuzco

I am very happy with the service provided by the staff at Ambria college of Nursing. everything is explained step by step and questions are answered promptly

Aymen Dajani

Staff is great and willing to work with you, flexible hours for people with a lot of responsibility. Feels like I?m part of family.

Samantha Duda

Ambria was my first choice in a school because I love the idea of a bridge program. My admission was long but with finishing class. Rita was amazing the whole way with me. Even after I haven?t called or talked to her in a while she still remembered me and was excited with me. She is wonderful.

Ninna Fawibe

I love the fact that this school is engineered around the lives of working people who want to continue their education and advance their careers. This is where I plan to finish my BSN.

Charmoiny Frazier

I chose Ambria College of Nursing because they accepted most of my classes. They have flexibility of hours of when courses could be taken. Ambria College is also the affordable compared to other colleges. the staff were friendly willing to help achieve my goal.

Peace Glaybo

I found out about Ambria College of Nursing through former classmate from the LPN class, and after graduating in June, I started the application process immediately. I got as much information from the website as I could. I called the school to set up an appointment to meet with an advisor because I was not sure what I needed to do. The staff was very friendly and patient. She answered all of my questions to the best of her knowledge, then pointed me in the right direction. She told me about t...

Sylvia Granados

The accelerated program appealed to me. I am a Mom and in need of a program that works with my outside responsibilities. Also when I attended the information session I realized that Ambria was able to offer me the financial assistance I needed in order to attend. The staff/curriculum also were very key in my decision making.

Terri Gray

Ambria has been a great experience so far. The staff is very helpful and I look forward to completing my nursing education here.

Farhad Gul

After I attended an info session, at that point I realized how they are driven to help all the students succeed.

Amy Haro

Word of mouth that the school is good. Ambria has more of an opportunity to get into a nursing program than most places.

Beth Hetzel

I like flexibility in class scheduling and the ability to choose how fast/slow to proceed through the program

Victoria Hinds

I chose Ambria College because of it's flexibility, cost effective/FAFSA and bridge extensive programmes. My career end gold is to achieve a BSN RN. I am anticipating that Ambria will provide the educational/clinical knowledge needed to be a successful nurse. I am compassionate, hard working, dedicated and determine to have a BSN RN. I upsolutely love my profession and hope to excell and grow in the nursing community. I believe Ambria is the road I need to take for my success.

Liana Hozan

I have received great reviews about the nursing program, the ability to obtain a BSN degree, and flexible schedule.

Precious Hudson

I chose Ambria because I've heard only great things from some students and instructors. Ambia offers the flexibility i need by offering day, evening, and weekend classes. A big plus for me with Ambria is that most , if not all, of my previous course work would be accepted. I also believe in taking things step by step and Ambria offers that with the LPN, LPN to RN bridge and RN To BSN bridge. Ambria also offers financial aid, financing, and scholarships. I didn't need much help in making m...

Tabitha Kanyara

I am a past graduate of Ambria and I like the credentials and easy enrollment into the program and availability of financial aid.

Midhada Kendic

My previous experience with private school has been exceptional. Enjoy smaller class sizes and professors.

Linda Kuglarz

I originally decided to attend Ambria College of Nursing because of its LPN to RN program, close proximity to home, and its flexible schedule of classes for ideal learning to become successful RN.

Elizabeth Lara

I chose to apply at Ambria because of the good things I have heard from previous students. I came to orientation and I loved it. Next, I met with Ronda and Rita and they were very helpful in helping to guide me through the application process. They were great! I am very pleased and excited to now be an Ambria student.

Hailey Leske

The staff at Ambria is extremely friendly and helpful. I appreciate the information given step by step, making it easy for me to understand. I love the smaller size classes, the flexible hours, options for financial aid, the ability to work and continue my education at the same time with no interference and receive the opportunity to pursue my dream of becoming a nurse. Ambria gave me all of these reasons to continue my education here. And I am happy to be accepted into a less competitive sch...

Katie Mcguire

I had a great experience during my LPN program at Ambria College of Nursing. Ambria has developed a supportive community that I am proud to be a part of.

Claudia Meza

The person in the info session at Ambria was very thorough in explaining any question or concerns I had. I needed a program that allowed me to work, be a mother, and a student. I had horrible experience at my previous school with teachers, staff and financial situation. Rita helped us get everything in order and called us back with questions we had.

Tanya Montejano

Since the moment I attended the info session, the staff has been great. Awesome experience thus far.

Karen Ochoa

Ambria has flexible times and schedules. The financial aid department is very helpful. Registration was easy. Thanks for the help of Rita and Ronda.

Susan Osayi-Adams

Ambria College of Nursing offers flexibility to successfully complete the program. NCLEX passing rate was definitely part of the reason I chose Ambria.

Nicholas Partridge

I chose Ambria because I was on a wait list at my current community college for 4 years. I was almost to the point of giving up until I saw Ambria online. I was nervous about applying at first, but I gave it a shot anyways. After an information session with Jon, I knew this is my school. I applied and got accepted, no waiting, no painful school schedules.

Leslie Pineda

They explain the requirements in full detail. So if I don?t understand something they do their best to help me understand.

Lorena Resendez

A former co-worker introduced me to Ambria. The staff has been very helpful and it seems like I can accomplish my goal in faster rate than community colleges.

Lindsey Wilber

No waiting lists and immediate acceptance into the program. Ambria offers LPN program as well as RN program. High passing rates, fast, year round programs.

Oksana Yegereva

I liked the location and flexibility of the school. It seems that all staff members are available and wanting to help. I feel that it is a very positive environment. People want you to succeed not just attend. Admission staff is awesome!

Kateryna Zagryva

There are many reasons why I chose Ambria. I was set to go to Harper for my nursing degree but my friend informed me about the information meeting that was being held here. I decided to go and quickly loved the school. The staff has been amazing and willing to help always. They always have a smile on their faces. Also, I absolutely love how flexible the schedule is at Ambria. At the moment I work full time and plan to drop to part time. If anything were to change with my schedule there are e...

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About Ambria

Ambria College of Nursing is the only private nursing school in Illinois that offers a seamless ladder nursing program which consists of LPN, LPN to RN, and RN to BSN. Read more...

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About Ambria College of Nursing

Ambria College of Nursing is the only private nursing school in Illinois that offers a seamless ladder nursing program which consists of LPN, LPN to RN, and RN to BSN.

With classes available in the morning, evening, and weekend hours and full-time or part-time course load, our flexible schedule allows you to earn a nursing salary while pursuing your Bachelors Degree in Nursing. Read more...