Straight RN Grants and Scholarships

Applicants for the Straight RN program at Ambria are qualified to apply for the following nursing grants and scholarships:

President's Scholarship

Awarded to students who successfully completed Ambria College of Nursing nursing program

Award Level: $ 1,000

Deadline: 08/20/2017 (Expired)


Renewal Requirements:

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Dosage Calculations Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to applicants seeking admission for the Associates of Applied Science in Nursing (Straight RN) program.  Applicants must satisfy the following admission requirements listed below. 

Award Level: $ 1,200

Deadline: 10/01/2018


  • Planning to enroll in the Dosage Calculation Workshop
  • Achieve 70% on the Reading Placement exam or meet the Equivalency
  • Achieve 75% on the Math Placement exam or meet the Equivalency
  • Achieve 50% on the entrance exam or meet the Equivalency

Renewal Requirements:

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Spring 2018 Semester

Classes begin on Jan 8.
Application Deadline is Dec 29.

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